Keep Your Mobile Phone Secure with These 5 Tips


With the large number of cell phones in use today, the world is ripe with risk. Thieves thrive on stealing sensitive data, personal details, and even the devices themselves. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your mobile phone safe and secure.

Password Protect Your Device

Keep prying eyes away from your information by adding a password to your device. Most mobile phones allow you to set a security code that must be entered to unlock the phone. Doing so will help prevent someone from simply picking up the phone and making a note of your contacts, email, and texts.

Disallow Automatic Connections

Most portable devices have the ability to automatically connect to any available wireless network, either via WiFi or Bluetooth. This is intended to make it easier for people to access the Internet on the go. However, it also makes it easier for your data to be stolen. Check your phone’s settings to disable automatic connections.

Be Suspicious

As always, be suspicious anytime you get social media or email requests from people you may not know. As much as we’d all love to have a rich Nigerian prince as a cousin, random requests are often a sign of trouble to come. Never give out any personal information, and never click unknown links, from someone you don’t know. Just because the email may look legitimate, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Check App Privacy Settings


While most apps do require access to a limited amount of information in order to function properly, be careful of those who demand more information. If an app starts asking for passwords or access to other applications on your mobile phone, or wants to access your text messages (unless, of course, the app in question is a texting app), it’s time to look closer at exactly what it wants to do. If you’re concerned, check the app’s privacy settings and disable anything you’re not sure about.

Be Wary of Unknown WiFi Networks

One common way that data thieves steal information is by setting up a fraudulent wireless network in public places, like coffee shops. Unsuspecting people sometimes connect to whatever open network may be available, and in the case of an unknown WiFi network, there may be trouble at the other end of that connection. When you connect to one of these networks and begin sending and transmitting information across the Internet, the thief has complete access to the data flow, and can snoop on anything being done. Protect yourself by connecting only to legitimate networks. In the case of a coffee shop or similar public place that normally offers WiFi access, when it doubts, ask.

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